Sunday, July 3, 2016

A Year of Projects 2016-2017: Week 1: Giving it another shot

Some local (and not so local) yarn shops have put together a Yarn Cruise this summer.  This is the second year they are doing it.  A group of friends and I have decided to participate.  We've purchased our bags and passports and have visited two shops already.  (Babygirl and I are going to visit shop #3 later today.)  The yarn cruise excitement has led to me spending some time in the craft room realizing how much I miss my knitting/crocheting.  In addition I've decided if I don't start knitting/crocheting my stash I'm going to have a big problem soon ;). The "office" has been overtaken by yarn and patterns.  I really need to get a handle on it as I may be needing the office to function as an office in the near future, lol.

In a round about way, this leads me back to  A Year Of Projects. I've done it in the past and felt I got more knitting/crocheting done while following along.  It also allows me to see what other crafters are doing out there.


I'm going to keep my goals short term as to help me focus.  I tend to want to start all.the.things, and finish none.  Hopefully by keeping focus I can get some things finished!

Short term focus for July:
1. Surprise knitting.  A gift for someone which can't be shared on the Internet right now.  It's almost done, pictures will be posted by the end of the month.
2. A River Runs Through It  - I'm doing this as a KAL with two friends from the Yarn Cruise.
3. One currently undecided UFO

Long term goals:
1. Use yarn from the stash!!
2. Get stash and pattern books organized

Things I'd like to make this year:
1. A sweater for me (maybe Antler)
2. A sweater for  Babygirl (maybe Antler)
3. A pair of socks
4. A sweater with the yarn from Ireland