Monday, December 12, 2011

Winter is Approaching.

I sit here chuckling as I type that.  Someone forgot to tell Mother Nature that winter doesn't begin until December 21st.  Here in the Northeast we got slammed with a snowstorm in October.  Personally we were very lucky, our power was out for just under 12 hours.  I've got some friends that were out a week.  Not cool with the crazy temps we've beeen experiencing overnight.

Anyway...winter, jackets and carseats.  Wow!  I never really thought about any of this before.  Little Miss H was given a gorgeous coat by her aunt.  So I just figured that would be her winter coat.  Upon closer examination  I noticed how puffy it is and thought there's no way she'll fit in the carseat with this!  Then I discovered that children are not supposed to wear puffy jackets in carseats.  Have I told you how much I love the internet???  Off to Google I went.  It seems carseat ponchos would be a good option for us. But at approximately $45 dollars each, they are not in this cheap frugal momma's budget.  Afterall, it's just a blanket with a hole in it.  Ha ha, famous last words. 

That very afternoon I dove into the craft closet looking for some fleece.  Between that evening and the next I put together a hand sewn double layer fleece blanket.  Excellent!  The next day I found a bowl and placed it on H's head...great fit...trace the bowl, cut out the circle..and way too big!  Back to the drawing board to close up the hole.

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