Tuesday, June 26, 2012

MAM Party

A while back I was invited to a MAM Party.  Up until that point I only knew MAM for the adorable pacifiers that they make.  (I'd like to Thank whoever at Mam is responsible for the glow in the dark pacifier.  GENIUS!)  I was very excited to attend this party and see what this was all about.  The only thing I was told was that we would be able to check out some new products.

Upon arriving I discovered that my friend was hosting a teething party.  Talk about perfect timing.  Babygirl was in serious teething mode at that time.  At the party we spoke about teething (It was great to hear tips from other moms!), played some games and received these gifts:

I cannot tell you how much I LOVE these toothbrushes!  The larger ones (training brushes) are great for when I brush Babygirl's teeth and she wants to "help".  Love, love, love the ergonomic handle.  It is comfortable for me to hold and gives Babygirl something to grab onto.  At this point Babygirl uses the smaller First Brush independently and I follow up with the larger brush.

The adorable little rabbit  came a bit too late for us to use as part of Babygirl's oral care routine. (By the time of the party I was tired of getting bit as I stuck my fingers in Babygirl's mouth to clean her teeth.  Holy sharpness!)

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