Sunday, July 16, 2017

Year of Projects Week 3

Week 3 and I'm already making changes.  The July KAL was not holding my interest so I've decided to swap it out for the Campfire Cardigan.  It's been a while since I've done a crochet project, I forget how much quicker I am at crocheting than knitting.  My daughter and I went stash diving on Saturday and picked out some yarn I had in my closet.  I'm using  Vanna's Choice by Lion Brand.  I'm hoping to only have to buy a skein or two to complete this project. Babygirl was very excited to help pick out yarn for this project.  Here's what she drew when I asked for her help with colors:

Here's what we picked out of my stash:

I started this on Sunday at my crochet guild meeting.  It currently looks like this:

The CGOA had a Chapter Challenge recently.  They challenged chapters to crochet 7x9 rectangles for Warm UP America.  My chapter participated and crocheted a lot of rectangles.  Since I wasn't able to participate in the crocheting of rectangles, I picked up a bunch of rectangles to sew together on Sunday.  Once we sew them all together the blankets will be donated locally. So, I've added a new project to my list.

This week was a productive week!  The Textured Shawl is finished.  Ends have been woven in and she's ready to wear!

Lots of spinning for the Tour de Fleece this week.  I filled all my bobbins with singles so it's time to ply.  Another Into the Whirled fiber club spun and an unknown green wool.  The Into the Whirled was the May 2017 'Merlin's Beard'. It's 4 oz of Merino.


  1. I like that Campfire Cardigan sweater. Might have to add that to my library too. Good job on all that spinning. You have really done a lot this past week. Looking forward to seeing it plyed now.

  2. Your spinning is gorgeous. Love the colours. And way to go babygirl for the sketch and the help picking colours. Very well done on both counts.

  3. Wow, you really got a lot done this week! I must look into that Campfire Cardigan pattern, it sounds so interesting.

  4. Love your Campfire Cardigan and when a project isn't working that's the delight of the YOP lists, the room is there to swap that out for something that will work for you and interest you. What a great amount of spinning this week! Amazing. Ruth

  5. Here we go again....I love that Campfire Cardigan and your colors are awesome can pick out colors for me any day! I faved it and it will be difficult to not cast on that beauty! I really love the red and yellow together.
    Look at your finished shawl! Gorgeous! The first and only shawl I ever made was in that color but totally plain knit....yours is lovely and really shows off the design.
    Hand spun yarn....that is lux and every one of them is beautiful. Someday I will spin! Have a great week!

  6. Sewing together squares is a wonderful contribution! Not everyone enjoys it and not everyone does a nice job of it. So cute the way your daughter drew and labelled her drawing :)

  7. I love the textured shawl, it will be so nice when the evenings start to draw in. And your spinning is brilliant, such lovely colours too.

  8. The Campfire Cardigan looks both fun to make and fun to wear. Can't wait to see yours finished, Jen. I love your daughter's picture. :)

  9. I love all the names...Tour de Fleece...I read someone doing a Tour de Sock too...I'm new at all this and I'm finding it a lot of fun. That cardigan looks like it'll turn out really beautiful!!