Saturday, September 8, 2012

Once a Month Cooking: The September Edition

This month is all about breakfasts.  This week I started watching two boys a few days a week before school.  Knowing that I am not a morning person, I had to do something to help make our mornings easier.  All summer Babygirl and I have been getting up around 7 and enjoying a leisurely morning routine.  That ends this week!

I need 12 breakfasts for work days.  My goal was to have 20 prepared.  That way I'd have Mondays through Fridays covered in case something comes up.

Here's what I made for this month:

                 *Baked Oatmeal (Cinnamon and Peach) Muffins - I've got enough for
                   September and October.  Babygirl started eating these a few months
                   ago.  Every time I make them I add different fruit.

                *Mini Zuchini Muffins:  I've got 6 breakfast servings.  When I made this recipe I
                  doubled it and also made bread to freeze.

                *Pancakes and Sausage.  So easy: First I cooked the sausage, then put it
                  in woopie pie pans and poured pancake batter over it.  Baked it 12 minutes. 
                 (I've got 6  servings)

Then rest of the days will be filled in with frozen waffles (Thank you Shop Rite for the recent sale!  Pairing the sale with my coupons I was able to get waffles for 49 cents a box :) ), cereal or oatmeal.

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