Sunday, September 16, 2012

YOP: Sunday Update

 Yay! A Year of Projects update...on a Sunday!  Between being sick and then going on vacation I've been slacking.  Now it's crunch time.  New York Sheep and Wool is just a little over a month away.  I'm still hoping to wear my sweater.  Yes, I'm aware that means I have to *finish* my sweater.  Time to kick it in high gear.

Currently it looks like this:

I do think that if I really focus I will be able to get this done.  

I've also got a pair of socks on the needles as my car project.  Every now and then I can add a few rows while waiting for the boys I watch to get out of school.  It shouldn't be much longer until these become FO's.


  1. Your socks are looking promisingly close to finish....those moments waiting in th car for kids can produce lots if put to good use can't they.

    Go for it with your jumper, just think how smug you will be wearing your new sweater at your wool event.

    1. I'm sure the socks will be done soon. It's the sweater that's going to be the challenge. I will be very excited to wear it at Sheep and Wool!

  2. Beautiful projects! If I'd known how to knit all those times waiting for children back in the day....I'd have a hope chest full of beautiful knitted projects....unfortunately that did not happen! LOL! Good luck to getting your sweater done and I know you're very talented!

  3. I think you absolutely CAN finish that sweater in time! Just think how great you'll feel wearing it in just over a month! And it's likely to be PERFECT sweater weather then!

  4. love those socks! good luck on the sweater... I'm at the sleeves for a bottom-up yoked sweater I was hoping to have done by October-- now I'm thinking by the end of October.

  5. oh two projects that I'm absolutely terrified to attempt! knitting a sweater and knitting socks! They look great, can't wait to see them finished!

  6. hmm...that yarn for the sweater looks luscious..well, the whole pattern looks wonderful so far..but for some reason I really think I need some of that yarn..

  7. You'll have the socks finished in no time. I'll keep my fingers crossed about the sweater, but I have faith that you'll finish it. Good luck.

  8. The sweater looks awesome! You'll be so happy you knuckled down when you are being envied at the event! I know you can do it! I too used to knit while waiting for kids....and then traffic back home, didn't seem so bad, because I was calm!

  9. You can definitely get the sweater done in time, just think of how happy you'll be when you get compliments on it at the festival :)