Thursday, August 23, 2012

Sticky Art

Babygirl's playgroup came over for an art project  yesterday.  I'd like to say the lack of pictures is because we were having so much fun that I just forgot to take my camera out.  The reality is not so pretty:  Babygirl was up from 10pm - 3:30am the night before (love teething!), then got up at 7am and my brain was fried.  I took the camera out and left it in plain sight....but did I take any pictures...nope.  The pictures below are all after the fact.

Here's what I call Sticky Art (Step by step directions at the end of the post):

Basically you take clear contact paper and stick "stuff" to it, then back it with a piece of construction paper.

Here's the "stuff" we used: feathers, pom poms, yarn snippets, foam shapes and letters, stickers, ribbon flowers, and construction paper shapes.

Here are Babygirl's Sticky Art Collages:

Step by step directions:
1.  Cut a piece of contact paper a bit larger than your construction paper.
2.  Take the backing off the contact paper and tape the contact paper to your work surface. Sticky side up :)
3. Place your "stuff" on the contact paper, pushing down slightly so it sticks.
4. Once finished you will place the construction paper over the contact paper.  Apply a little pressure so the contact paper sticks to the construction paper.  Smooth out any air pockets that may form as you go.
5.  Since you cut the contact paper larger than the construction paper you will be left with a contact paper edge.  Fold this edge over the construction paper.  At the end you will have some "extra" contact paper in the corners.  You can fold it over and tape it to the back of your art or cut it off.

Raising Bean


  1. Being sleep deprived will so fry your mommy brain. Its great ya'll had fun and hey even though you missed the pictures, you got the beautiful after art!

    Hopping over from the Mommy Brain Mixer! I joined your GFC so I don't miss anything. You can find me over @ Have a beautiful day.

  2. What a cute little art project. I'm sure all the playgroup kids had a blast making theirs!

  3. Hi, thanks for linking to the Mommy Brain Mixer! Hope you got to snooze after that!! :))

  4. What a great idea for a craft project! I don't think your brain is fried if you could pull that off with a play group :o) Hope sleep is better tonight.